Company History 
1998 Dataforce founded in Frankfurt / Main
1999 First thorough analysis of the total passenger car market in cooperation with the “Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt” (Federal Motor Transport Authority)
2000 First-time definition and description of the German Light Commercial Vehicle market

Implementation of the Online-Analysis-System IRIS®

Presentation of monthly new car registrations in fleets in cooperation with the "Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt"


First-time description of the German fleet market

First-time ascertainment and description of the market for User and Chooser

First thorough analysis of the fleet market for insurances

2005 Fundamental analysis of the market for fuel cards in fleets

Integration of data on European new car registrations into a coherent online analysing system

First-time neutral analysis of the commercial leasing market

Dataforce Automotive Information Consulting (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (China) founded


Dataforce Italia S.r.l. in Padua (Italy) founded


Dataforce Automotive AG in Horgen (Switzerland) founded
First Interviews with fleet managers in China

10th anniversary of Dataforce Germany

2010 First loyalty analyses of the private and fleet markets
2011 First time study on electronic mobility in the German fleet market

Launch of IRIS+ in China, launch of IRIS+ in Germany, First time study on mobility management in the German fleet market