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We arrange your sales appointments

Most people do not have time. However, it is a factor that gives you the decisive head start on your competition. Save time with our lead generation and increase your sales figures and turnover: We take care of your acquisition – you simply talk to potential new customers.

Our multi-channel contact center specializes in the automotive industry with a particular focus on fleet customers, and we rely on highly trained employees and state-of-the-art technology. Put your trust in us!

11% Hot Leads*

16% Warm Leads*

85% Reachability through own Database with Fleet Customers*


*Average value based on all Dataforce projects

Why choose Dataforce as your partner?


  1. In-depth market knowledge based on 20 years of automotive experience: With over 20 years in the automotive business, all our employees, from call center agents to project planners, have in-depth market knowledge. Our automotive know-how puts us at eye level in our discussions with your potential new customers.
  2. Own address database with 100,000 pre-qualified fleets: Through our own database with 100,000 qualified fleets (incl. contact persons, fleet size, etc.) we provide you with potential new customers. This allows us to precisely define your specific target group and achieve a reachability of 80%.
  3. 100% automotive projects: Our lead generation is there for all participants in the automotive market: car dealers, OEMs/car manufacturers, leasing companies and all other suppliers in the automotive industry.

Why the decision for “FleetLeads”?


  1. A filled sales pipeline: Our phone and fleet market experts will bring you the hot and warm leads right to your desk, and if you want, right to your Outlook calendar. All you have to do: Attend the appointments.
  2. Achieving your sales targets: Do you know that? At the end of the year, the sales target is still far away. This not only affects your potential bonus, but also depresses the motivation of your salespeople. With us you can change that! We expand your customer base and you secure your sales targets.
  3. No loss of time due to time-consuming acquisition: If you invest the time you normally spend on cold calling in direct sales, you will achieve your goals even faster and more efficiently, right? We pave the way for you and you just close the contracts.

How do you benefit in the end?


  1. We bring you the appointments with your target customers: We define the target customers together before the start of the project. Based on our fleet manager database, we can define them in detail. Regional areas, specific brands or fleet sizes are only a few of our possible selection criteria.
  2. Always up-to-date: You will receive your results daily with all important information. We care about transparency, so we want to bring you up to speed. In addition to the contact details, the overview also contains the desired date and model.
  3. 24/7 online access: In addition to the daily data delivery, you will also receive online access to our fleet manager database and thus to your potential new customers. 24 hours and 7 days a week you have the possibility to select and contact suitable fleets yourself.

  Through the strategic cooperation in LEAD telephony with DATAFORCE, we were able to find out about strategic purchase times with a large number of fleet customers in a very short time and are now looking after them to initiate further business. The salespeople report back to me high quality and are enthusiastic about the double pass. – Michael Skule Langbehn, Süverkrüp Automobile GmbH & Co. KG

The basis of our work: pre-qualified data from the fleet manager database FleetBase®  

With us, you benefit not only from experienced telephony experts, but also from our fleet manager database FleetBase®  . This is our direct line to the fleet managers with pre-qualified addresses and much more. For example, we can tell you exactly which fleet has replacement potential in the near future, already has your brand in its inventory, is in your area, and much more.

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