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Dataforce provides deep level data for new car registrations.
This is perhaps the reason why 95% of the car manufacturers themselves also buy this information from us!

We recognize that bigger cars & premium brands equal larger margins, but even newly released compact cars can drive up profits. Being aware of these figures and where in the lifecycle these cars are has an impact.

Increase of private share of the sales improve Profit / Car

Increase of dealer registration decreases profit / vehicle

Increase of Sales of big cars equals increase profit / vehicle

Increase of small vehicles sales equals decreases profit / vehicle

To whom a car is sold to in real life has a strong impact on the profitability. The larger a deal is in volume of units, the bigger the discounts and the lower the profit is for the manufacturer. Meaning private sales will be preferable over business sales. Knowing into which channels vehicles are sold, are a leading indicator for the upcoming quarterly and end of year results, and will give you the inside edge to make your decisions.

Utilising our data, you will become better equipped to understand

  • which channel the new car registrations are actually being made in,
  • where the expensive, mid-range and cheaper models are being sold, on both a model name view but also as a body style view i.e. SUVs, Large Cars, Compact etc.

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While we understand that on a high level the information in the press is sometimes enough for the long-term picture of say “self-driving” or “investment in EV”. This means that even with a sliding market share the financial performance can still seem good.

However, with our data you can fully appraise the individual manufacturer, by market if necessary and cross referencing lots of the important dimensions like Market channel, Model, Fueltype, Vehicle segment, Body style.

All of this information combined will give you the opportunity to understand that while eg. “X” manufacturer total market numbers look good, their private registrations are contracting and are being compensated by the less profitable D&M channel. This in turn gives you a more detailed view and enabling adjustments to any outlook.



We believe that our services alongside the data we provide will allow you to closely follow the models/brands which are pushing into the higher discounted channels. Delivering you a broader understanding of the individual brands current situation (better than it is possible from a total market view) and allowing you the opportunity to profit from the deeper knowledge we can provide.