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Records and difficulties Part 2: France, Italy and Spain

France contended with yellow shirt pressure, though still managed impressive year. Italy also positive but changes to fringe benef [...]

True Fleet in Italy following Total Market performance

True Fleets with another positive performance  Thanks to a strong previous three months for True Fleets the market is now back to [...]

A tale of two contrasts in January for Italian Private and Commercial registrations

Italy’s True Fleet contraction continues with the 5th month of negative growth recorded. From the EU-5 countries only Spain (Decem [...]

November storm whirling around Italian True Fleet Market

The slide in the Italian car market continued in November. With a 16.4% dip, the True Fleet Market was hit markedly worse than the [...]

Italian True Fleets suffering in October while Peugeot is on the rise

After a massive drop in September the situation for the Italian passenger car market improved and with slightly over 161,000 regis [...]

WLTP frictions dragged down the Total Market in Italy also affecting True Fleets

Following a plus of 25.5% in August, the Italian True Fleet Market was down by 33.8% over September. Despite this quite negative o [...]

The Italian True Fleet Market with a big appetite for alternative powertrains

Following the moderate growth of 0.6% in June the Italian True Fleet Market was in very good shape in July which turned out to be [...]

The Italian True Fleet Market back to growth again

Following the dip in May the Italian True Fleet Market returned to growth again in June even if the increase was rather marginal w [...]

The Italian True Fleet Market takes a dip for the first time in 2018

Finishing at slightly more than 214,000 passenger car registrations, May was a marginally negative month for the Italian car marke [...]