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Challenging times for the European RAC market

In the European automotive market, the Rent-A-Car channel appears to be taking the hardest hit in percentage loss as a result of t [...]

Records and difficulties Part 2: France, Italy and Spain

France contended with yellow shirt pressure, though still managed impressive year. Italy also positive but changes to fringe benef [...]

Easing dynamics and returning growth

Several markets and market segments performed better than expected in 2019, as seen in French and Spanish True Fleets. For 2020, t [...]

True Fleets in Spain continues to recover from a negative 1st quarter at a more sedate pace in May

After a small siesta in Q1 the Spanish True Fleet market appears to be back to positive ways, though the YTD (year-to-date) is sti [...]

Spain is the only EU5 True Fleet Market with a growth in December

December 2018 showed a drop of 3.3% for the Spanish automotive market but the performance of the different channels was mixed. Whi [...]

Spain’s True Fleets languish in the red zone for the 3rd month in a row

The red zone rollercoaster continues in the Spanish market as we see the True Fleets Market drop again to a ‑ 15.3% in comparison [...]

Spanish True Fleets: Alternative fuel types on the rise while Diesel share is weaker than ever before

Following a serious drop of – 17.1% in September the passenger car market in Spain was down by “only” – 6.8% in Octobe [...]

True Fleets best August numbers ever! When will the Spanish bull stop charging?

Spanish True Fleets have again delivered some amazing results, not only was this August their best ever(!), the growth rate of + 4 [...]

20 is the magic number for the Spanish True Fleet Market

With + 20.8% in July the True Fleet Market in Spain scored a growth rate of more than 20% for the third time in 2018. And it was e [...]