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Records and difficulties Part 2: France, Italy and Spain

France contended with yellow shirt pressure, though still managed impressive year. Italy also positive but changes to fringe benef [...]

French (True) Fleet numbers flying again as January’s red zone stays firmly in the rear-view mirror

Regarding the last four months, there has been some solid positive numbers for the True Fleet Market, though it seems that the Pri [...]

True Fleets with their fifth consecutive month of decline but January 2019 is in better shape

With slightly over 155,000 registrations the French passenger car market started the new year with a minor loss of 1.1%. While the [...]

French True Fleets with a challenging Q4 but with a growth for the full year 2018

In December the French passenger car market only achieved around 165,000 registrations which equated to a double-digit loss of 14. [...]

True Fleets with another bumpy month in France, while EVs appear to be rocketing

In both September and October, the French passenger car market was less affected by the impact of WLTP than the other big European [...]

French True Fleets: Peugeot, Toyota and Škoda all scoring a new record market share

In September the French passenger car market was less affected by the impact of WLTP than the other big European countries. What a [...]

WLTP seemingly negates the annual August holiday blip for the French True Fleet market

It seems that WLTP may well change the tradition of August being the French market’s weakest month. Given the surge in new car reg [...]

The French True Fleet Market with its highest growth rate in 2018 so far

Traditionally the month of July is particularly strong for registrations on private households in France. Since 2012 the share of [...]

True Fleet growth in France overcomes May’s pit stop and accelerates once again

True Fleet in France is once again in the black in terms of growth as it puts last month’s loss into the rear view mirror. June sa [...]