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True Fleet in Germany swings to positive as the roller coaster ride continues

Roma, 11.08.17

Somehow the trend for the German True Fleet Market for July was predictable. The roller coaster ride is still in full swing. Up in January, March and May, down in February, April and June it logically follows that the Fleet Market showed a positive result in July with + 7.3%. The year-to-date growth of + 2.0% is remarkable taking into account that 2016 is a challenging benchmark as it provided a record volume. The Total Market finished up by 1.5% with a dash over 283,000 registrations helped along by the result from True Fleet and also from Private Market which grew by 1.9%. Dealerships and OEMs seemed pleased with last month’s figures as the tactical registration from Special Channels were down by 2.4%.

Brand performance

The first eight positions in the brand ranking remained unchanged with Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes on the podium followed by BMW, Ford, Skoda, Opel and Renault. Thanks to a significant growth of + 46.2% Seat gained one place and Peugeot completed the Top 10. Outside the Top 10 worthy mentions must go to Citroen and Volvo both of who achieved double-digit growths of 68.5% and 32.7% respectively.

Highlights from the SUV segment

As in the first six months SUV was the strongest segment in True Fleets but within that high demand group of cars there was a lot of movement and some particularly outstanding performances we decided to mention. Another strong result kept the Mercedes GLC in the lead in front of Volkswagen’s Tiguan. With 10.1% the GLC reached its highest market share ever within this vehicle-segment. The same holds true for the Renault Captur (+ 79.3% and ranking 5th behind Audi Q5 and Ford Kuga) and the all-new CH-R from Toyota which can be found in 15th position missing the Top 10 by only 30 registrations. But the most successful new entry is of course the Skoda Kodiaq in 7th place.

Higher Middle Class shining

But there are more interesting car segments to analyse. Thanks to a massive volume increase of BMW 5 Series, Mercedes E-Class, Audi A6 and to a lesser extent the Volvo V90 the whole segment of Higher Middle Class grew by 62.9% over July last year. The overall share of 9.2% is the highest since November 2014.

Luxury Class – a new broom sweeps clean, but the old one knows the corners

What about the executives? The growth of the Luxury Class (+ 6.7%) was almost in line with the overall increase of the True Fleet Market. By the way, there was an interesting position change: just a few weeks before the all-new fourth generation will be presented at Frankfurt Motorshow the “old” Audi A8 took the luxury crown in July. This was the first time since February 2013!

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