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True Fleet in Italy softens the pace but remains positive for September

Roma, 26.10.17

So while it is sometimes said the good luck comes in threes it is possibly especially correct for one segment of the Italian market. True Fleet pace has slowed over previous month’s result but still managed a + 3.2% for September and the Private Market also took its foot off the growth gas with a + 3.4%. This obviously left Special Channels achieving a + 36.0% to be the one with the highest growth from the three channels and depending on perspective the luckiest (or un-luckiest) for the Italian market. The Total Market finished with 173,000 registrations or a growth of + 10.0% marking it out as the best September since 2009.

Brand performance

True Fleets’ sedate growth was certainly not mirrored by at least three of this month’s Top 10, once again proving three as lucky for some. Nissan had a truly outstanding September jumping no less than 10 places in the ranking to 4th the Japanese brand managed to almost triple its registrations achieving a 194.4% growth in comparison to September 2016. This was thanks to some phenomenal growth for the Micra (+ 1,314.3%) and X-Trail (+ 330.6) and solid numbers from the Qashqai (+ 82.4%).

The next best OEM performance came from Peugeot who were also in a very positive position thanks to the 49.9% growth and while this did not equate to a position jump (8th) it was the manufacturer’s second best month since June 2015. The growth was predominantly driven by the 3008 but the 2008 also joined in bringing some further volume to the True Fleet numbers.

The third standout manufacturer was Alfa Romeo, generating a growth of 36.0% and possibly un-surprisingly it’s the Stelvio driving the growth. The SUV from Cassino is currently ranked 10th for the YTD (year-to-date) SUV segment and could possibly grab another two place hike by year’s end should current growth rates continue unabatedly.

Bivalent in True Fleet Market – Fiat’s leadership about to be challenged?

Our final look into the market focussed on the alternative fuel type of bivalent engines. While much is being written about diesel at the moment it was interesting to see at the recent Frankfurt Motor show just how many bivalent (Gas & Petrol) engines are available from manufacturers and it is Italy that certainly leads the way in Europe. YTD Italy makes up 45.9% of Europe’s True Fleet bivalent market. Of this, the home manufacturer Fiat currently has a 51.4% share of the YTD True Fleet bivalent registrations but we have seen other manufacturers up their game with solid growth rates. Skoda (+ 28.3%), Opel (+ 10.5%), Nissan (+ 24.7%) and Dacia (+ 134.7%) all seem to be signalling a growing focus to compete a little more with Fiat in their home market.

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