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True Fleet Market Germany: back to growth

Roma, 18.04.17

After a slightly disappointing result in February (- 6.7%) the German True Fleet Market performed very well in March. The double-digit growth of 10.1% pushed the overall rate for the first quarter of 2017 to + 4.4% while the Total Market grew by 6.7% in Q1.

The Top 10 ranking by brands didn’t show many changes. Despite some impressive growth rates (Opel + 56.8%, Renault + 80.9%) the positions 1-9 remained unchanged. Toyota was able to enter the Top 10 by overtaking Nissan and with an increase of 57.0% the Japanese manufacturer achieved its highest market share in nine years (March 2008). This was partly due to the all-new C-HR but registrations of Auris and Aygo climbed strongly as well.

Outside the Top 10 Citroen was shining too with + 72.8% and jumping from rank number 21 into 14th position. The Citroen Berlingo was especially outstanding, growing by 237% and representing almost half of all Citroen fleet registrations in March. A remarkable achievement taking into account that the second generation (B9) was introduced 9 years ago with only minor upgrades in 2012 and 2015.

A bit further down the ranking we can report all-time records for two brands: both Jaguar and Tesla scored their best absolute volumes and market shares in the German True Fleet Market. At Jaguar the SUV F-Pace was the strongest seller both in March and for the first quarter of 2017. The F-Type in second place is (still) performing exceptionally well with + 367% in March and jumping into second position behind Porsche’s 911 within the True Fleet Sportscar segment.

Despite a still very small model range Tesla is (electrically) accelerating. The Model X currently represents around one third of Tesla’s fleet registrations in March. This is marginally higher than in the Private Market. The results of Model S are absolutely remarkable. With more than 200 fleet registrations the sedan from Palo Alto ranked number two in the German Luxury Car segment behind BMW’s 7 Series and outpacing competitors like Porsche Panamera, Mercedes S Class, Audi A8 etc. Within the Private market the Model S was even No. 1 for February and March.


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