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True Fleet Market in Italy keeps up the “Velocità” in February

Roma, 12.03.18

While our Italian press release is the last out of the blocks in February it is by no means at the back in terms of its True Fleet results, in fact the market narrowly missed out on 2nd place within the EU-5 countries for volume on its way to recording a + 15.4% growth. Italy’s Total Market finished with a little over 194,000 registrations; down on last February’s results to the tune of – 1.1%. The reason for this can be placed firmly at the Private Market’s door as it registered a – 11.1% marking it out as the 3rd month in a row of negative growth from this channel. Special Channels were predictably positive with a + 12.3% but certainly not excessively, especially given the result from the Private Market.

Brand Performance

Congratulations go to the top 4 brands in this month’s rankings who all retained their respective places from last year’s February alongside each achieving a positive growth, though varied in terms of percentage. Top of the tree was Fiat (+ 23.8%), followed by Ford (+ 33.7%), VW (+ 18.8%) and then Mercedes (+ 3.9%). Interestingly each of the brands’ #1 model for the month came from a different segment. Fiat’s from Mini with Panda, Ford’s from Small Cars with Fiesta, VW’s from Compact Cars with Golf and Mercedes’ (technically) with an SUV the GLA.

However the best True Fleet growths were still to come, Peugeot in 5th had a super solid month with a + 61.1% thanks predominantly to their 3008, 308 and 5008. BMW and Audi in 6th and 7th respectively were the only negative brands in the top 10 with each dropping a rank over last year. Toyota was on form (+ 51.9%) with both the Yaris and Auris Touring Sports accelerating their brand into 8th. Jeep took the growth crown though with an impressive + 81.1% with all the credit going to Compass model which had some stratospheric results (and not only in Fleet but in Private also). Nissan was the 10th brand and saw its positive month largely thanks to the Micra more than doubling its registrations in comparison to February last year.

LTR, Fueltype, Italy 2018 – A quick insight

So the Long Term Rental (LTR) channel is certainly going well and the Italian market place is proving a fertile ground for it to continue to grow presently. LTR makes up a significant portion of the True Fleet channel and as we looked into the 2018 data so far with a filter on fuel type it was interesting to see that the both Diesel (+ 26.3%) and Alternative Fuels (+ 50.0%) firmly in ascension while Petrol (- 15.1%) is taking a hit, though perhaps it should be pointed out that inside the Petrol top 10 Volkswagen and Audi are bucking the trend with solid growth rates. A deeper look into Alternative Fuels also brought out a surprise! While our first assumption was, given the prevalence of Bivalent (Gas) fuelled cars in Italy this would be the source of the growth, but it turned out to be both the Hybrid and Electric alternative fuel sub-channels that are leading this “charge” with + 103.6% and + 274.6% respectively.

In caso di pubblicazione, indicare sempre: “Elaborazione Dataforce su fonte Ministero Infrastrutture e Trasporti e ACI”.

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