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French True Fleet rebound continues for fifth month after shaky start to 2017

Roma, 23.10.17

France continues to rebound from the shaky first 4 months of 2017 and has now achieved more positive than negative growth months. The + 7.1% for True Fleet in September has now helped to push the YTD (year-to-date) to a very healthy 5.4%. Total Market finished up with a little over 170,000 registrations which is a + 1.1% over last September’s figures. Private Market growth stood at 1.0% while Special Channels were negative to the tune of – 3.5%.

Domestic OEMs claiming podium spots

There were no changes for the first 4 OEMs inside the True Fleet Top 10 ranking for the month with the home-grown talent taking all podium spots. Renault (+ 23.1%) took gold, followed by Peugeot (+ 14.9%) in silver while Citroën took bronze position and while very solid growth rates were achieved better was still to come.

Opel sneaks into Top 10 for first time in 2017

VW retained 4th, while the Bavarian’s Audi (5th) and BMW (6th) performed a not unfamiliar routine of pirouetting last year’s places. Ford in 7th had a solid month with a 16.8% growth rate and a two-position jump to their rank. Mercedes was 8th, with Toyota managing 9th and the 2nd highest growth inside the Top 10 of + 24.1%. This left Opel (10th) to take the glory of highest growth rate for the month. The manufacturer from Rüsselsheim achieved a + 27.5% for the month with not any one model truly outshining another. The Vivaro had a great growth month with + 93.5% (PC registrations only), the Mokka also put in a solid display + 66.2%, and while perhaps a little slow out of the blocks the Crossland X appears to be gathering pace.

Mission accomplished for 00 agents

Our final look at the True Fleet Market in France focussed around one particular brand and a certain set of digits. It certainly seems the having a “00” as an identifying set of numbers is not just popular for fictional spies, while it also seems that perhaps being one digit higher may also be helping.

Of course we are speaking about Peugeot and the “008” models. The 3008 and 5008 have all been around since 2009 with both models starting the car journey as MPV before second generations turned them into SUV. The 2008 is not as old and has started its journey as a crossover SUV but what a difference a year has made for them all. On target to not only break their yearly registration records but in one case to actually smash it out of the ballpark. The 3008 may well be on course to double its best year on record, it is currently at + 313.3% YTD over 2016 same period figures which is an outstanding achievement for Peugeot. Both the 5008 at + 59.8% and the 2008 at + 17.8% are also certainly no slouches either. Combine all 3 of these models and they are delivering 45.1% of Peugeots YTD True Fleet Market share but more impressively this equates to 32.2% share of True Fleet SUV share YTD showing the manufacturer is taking full advantage of the current trend.

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