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The affirmative ascension of True Fleet in France continues in April

French True Fleets hit a full year growth milestone in April and currently show no overt signs of stopping at the moment. Total Ma [...]

French True Fleet finishes its best first quarter ever with a small upsurge in March

Following on from the growth in recent months, French Total Market’s passenger car registrations increased by 2.2% over March, fin [...]

French True Fleet Market with a promising start to the year

January and February’s car sales in France were quite successful in terms of growth to say the least. Similar to the current trend [...]

True Fleet stepped up another gear in 2017 with only one exception

The True Fleet Market for the EU-5 had another exceptional year with all but one of the individual markets beating out last year’s [...]

French True Fleet Market continued its upswing once again

The True Fleet Market kept up its constant development registering a growth of + 2.6% alongside recording its second best fleet re [...]

True Fleet Market France raises its game for the 7th time in a row

After a truly remarkable October with the highest growth rate in 17 months the French True Fleet Market was able to grow once agai [...]

True Fleet Market France rises by more than 20 per cent

In October the French True Fleet Market really outshone the rest of the EU-5 in terms of growth. With more than 43,000 new car reg [...]

Italy’s record month benefits French brands, Toyota but FCA sales decline

MILAN – French automakers were among winners in an Italian market that had a record month for new-car sales in October. Fiat [...]

French True Fleet rebound continues for fifth month after shaky start to 2017

France continues to rebound from the shaky first 4 months of 2017 and has now achieved more positive than negative growth months. [...]
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