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Spanish True Fleet only 1 month away from a full year of growth

Roma, 21.12.17

The success story of the Spanish True Fleet Market continues! So far 11 out of 11 months in 2017 showed growing figures with November’s registrations up by 11.2% for True Fleets while Special channels were close to matching the fleet’s growth performance with a slightly better + 11.3%. Private customers were even more in a shopping mood achieving the highest percentage growth in 2017 so far with an impressive + 14.0% over November 2016. This summed up to a Total Market of close to 109,000 new car registrations, the highest volume for November since 2007!

Within True Fleets the two market leaders, Renault and Volkswagen, couldn’t match their (high) level of November 2016. Behind those two there was a close battle for third place, as both Audi and BMW had very strong results (+ 48.8% and + 10.9% respectively) though they had to leave the third place to SEAT. The Spanish brand from Barcelona achieved an even more remarkable growth with a + 93.0%, securing them the last podium place. The Top 10 ranking was completed by Peugeot, Mercedes, Toyota (+ 54.1%), Ford and Nissan (+ 17.2%). Fiat missed out entering the Top 10 but accelerated into 13th position with a growth of no less than + 142.4%. The Italian OEM from Turin climbed six positions, recording its biggest market share in more than two years alongside its highest True Fleet volume since October 2008.

Referring back to our October press release we mentioned SEAT and what their latest SUV might be capable of “But you can be pretty sure that the Sports Utility Vehicles segment will grow at SEAT in the near future with the all-new Arona showing up with its first registrations in the Spanish fleet Market. There is certainly a lot more to come in the not too distant future”.

Obviously this outlook was not far from the truth if you look at the November results. SEAT’s new small crossover was not only the best-selling SUV model in True Fleets but also number three in the overall model ranking behind the market leaders Renault Megane and SEAT Leon. This impressive result pushed the Sports Utility segment to unprecedented heights, both in terms of absolute volume as well as in market share (37.9%).

Beside the high-flyer Arona the compact model Leon (+ 49.7%) contributed significantly to SEAT’s success, ranking 2nd in its class behind the Renault Megane who was able to take the crown for the first time in 2017 while Volkswagen’s Golf took 3rd. Within the Top 10 there were three additional models with an increase of more than 30% over November 2016: Ford Focus, Toyota Auris and the BMW 1 Series. However, the biggest improvement both in percentage growth as well as to ranking position was achieved by the Fiat Tipo, which triplicated its registrations and jumped from 25th into 10th position.

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