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Outstanding performance for SUVs in a strong Spanish True Fleet Market

Beyond any doubt the Spanish Passenger Car Market is in very good shape and so it is hardly surprising that the fourth month in 2018 […]
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True Fleet in Spain notches up yet another positive month

So with the Spanish economy moving along nicely it seems that the True Fleet Market has set the cruise control and is firmly on its […]
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Spain’s Bullish True Fleet Market just keeps on charging!

After an exceptional start to the year, Spain’s True Fleet pushes higher in February with an even better growth percentage and our forecast analysts are […]
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Vamos! Spanish True Fleet Market with a brilliant start of the year

No doubt: the Spanish passenger car market had a very promising start in 2018. With almost 106,000 new registrations it was the highest January volume […]
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True Fleet stepped up another gear in 2017 with only one exception

The True Fleet Market for the EU-5 had another exceptional year with all but one of the individual markets beating out last year’s record numbers. […]
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Spanish True Fleet records a full year of growth for 2017

The Spanish True Fleet Market seems to be unstoppable on its upward trajectory. With a healthy growth of 6.3% in December, the market surpassed each […]
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Spanish True Fleet only 1 month away from a full year of growth

The success story of the Spanish True Fleet Market continues! So far 11 out of 11 months in 2017 showed growing figures with November’s registrations […]
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True Fleet Market Spain scores the best October result since 2007

The Spanish True Fleet Market really is performing extraordinarily well. With October up 18.1% this has now marked the fourth month of True Fleet growth […]
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The True Fleet growth machine keeps on rolling in Spain

In comparison to last month’s double-digit figures Spain’s True Fleet Market remained positive but with a more sedate + 7.1%. The Total Market just breached […]
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