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Lots of winners despite November continuing the tumble in True Fleets

The British True Fleet Market entered November following seven consecutive months of declining registrations. The comparison again [...]

Spanish True Fleet only 1 month away from a full year of growth

The success story of the Spanish True Fleet Market continues! So far 11 out of 11 months in 2017 showed growing figures with Novem [...]

October & November take Italy’s Total Market back into a podium position

October and November’s car sales in Italy were quite successful in terms of growth to say the least. Not only does Italy account f [...]

Il mercato del leasing auto a novembre 2017

Pesante battuta d’arresto a novembre per il leasing auto: solamente 5.480 nuove targhe (Passenger Cars più Light Commercial Vehicl [...]

German True Fleet Market with a strong second half of the year to date

Undoubtedly the German True Fleet Market is in pretty good shape, growing for the fifth month in a row. Thanks to a 7.0% rise in N [...]

Il Noleggio a Lungo e Breve Termine a novembre 2017: quest’anno 30.000 noleggi a lungo termine in più, e altrettanti nel breve

Roma, 14 dicembre 2017 A novembre il noleggio a lungo termine fa segnare un incremento del 14,8% (sono 3.497 veicoli in pi&ugrav [...]

True Fleet Market France raises its game for the 7th time in a row

After a truly remarkable October with the highest growth rate in 17 months the French True Fleet Market was able to grow once agai [...]

Marc Odinius (Dataforce): “95 g/km CO2 by 2021 only possible with 50% electrification”

Fleet Europe Summit During the first session of the Forum at the Fleet Europe Summit in Estoril, Marc Odinius, Managing Director o [...]
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