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Give diesel a chance

At this year’s Global Fleet Conference in Rome, Dataforce Managing Director Marc Odinius proved once again that his company has extraordinary expertise in mining huge […]
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Nelle flotte dei primi 7 paesi europei il diesel perde quota – ilSole24Ore – Salvatore Saladino

In calo dell’11,5% le consegne nel primo trimestre – Le vetture più «green» a quota 57mila Il diesel è l’orco cattivo? Per alcuni sì, per […]
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Il noleggio a lungo termine cresce e la rete si attrezza – ilSole24Ore – Salvatore Saladino

Anche ad aprile il noleggio a lungo termine è cresciuto più della media del mercato: +21%. Nel primo quadrimestre 2018 il comparto ha già consegnato […]
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The affirmative ascension of True Fleet in France continues in April

French True Fleets hit a full year growth milestone in April and currently show no overt signs of stopping at the moment. Total Market for […]
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April saw the highest growth rate for True Fleets since May 2017

The month of April showed a strong result for the German passenger car market. With 314,000 registrations the Total Market was up by 8.0% compared […]
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Il Noleggio a Lungo e Breve Termine ad Aprile 2018: LeasePlan accelera e sorpassa Arval

Ad aprile il noleggio a lungo termine ha incrementato il passo: dal +10% di marzo al +20,1%: nel mese di chiusura del primo quadrimestre il […]
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The UK’s True Fleet breaks the negative trend but can it maintain beyond April?

Is there a glimmer of hope for the UK Fleet market for 2018? Perhaps, as True Fleet recorded its first set of positive numbers in […]
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Outstanding performance for SUVs in a strong Spanish True Fleet Market

Beyond any doubt the Spanish Passenger Car Market is in very good shape and so it is hardly surprising that the fourth month in 2018 […]
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Double-digit growth in the Russian True Fleet Market for the first quarter of 2018

We thought it would make some sense to take a closer look at one of the markets outside the well-known EU-5 region this month and […]
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