Data, Analysis, Insights - Acting Sucessfully in the Fleet Market

Dataforce offers a wide spectrum of analyses, studies and data for the national and international automotive industry. Reliable data constitutes the fundamentals of our analyses and market assessments. For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

Dataforce New Car RegistrationsDataforce Market Research

Dataforce generates new car registration statistics monthly for the international fleet market. By sub-dividing new car registrations and assigning vehicles to different segments, Dataforce is able to optimize detailed analysis for the car, lcv and hcv market.

The relevant fleet market is closely monitored because national and international new car registrations in this segment show sales results of various manufacturers in the fleet market.

Dataforce is able to generate statistics of new car registrations for the passenger car, the light commercial vehicle, as well as the heavy commercial vehicle market.    


Introductions of models, positioning of new products and competition analyses are important instruments to develop.  

Via targeted market research, surveys of specific themes are analysed and presented. Dataforce uses a range of techniques like online surveys, ad hoc surveys, face-to-face interviews etc.  We contribute to the automotive industry through our long-term experience and extensive data.    


Dataforce IRIS Used CarsDataforce Forecast

As well as new car registrations, the second-hand car market is an important source of sales for the automotive industry. For this segment, Dataforce possesses detailed information and statistics on change of ownership. 

Second-hand car market sales developments can be displayed for the different market segments.


The display of actual new car registrations to participants in the automotive market enables them to measure their own results and the results of their competitors. Dataforce forecasts provide a reliable overview of the future of fleet and private markets. To complete its forecast, Dataforce takes a number of economic factors and indicators, new car registrations, market surveys and manufacturers’ information.