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French (True) Fleet numbers flying again as January’s red zone stays firmly in the rear-view mirror

Frankfurt, 28.06.19

Dataforce Infographic France May 2019 fleet market

Regarding the last four months, there has been some solid positive numbers for the True Fleet Market, though it seems that the Private Market continues to suffer. For the Total Market there was a little under 194,000 registrations in May which equated to a 1.2% growth. As mentioned the Private Market had its 7th straight month of abating registrations with a -11.3%, True Fleets had their highest percentage growth of 17.8% since October 2017 if you discount the heavy WLTP influenced August 2018. Special Channels were up by 9.9% with + 8.1% for RAC and + 12.2% for the Dealership/Manufacturer channel.


Brand performance

The top 3, as per usual, are dominated by the home brands. All three managed to score a positive month, though Citroën in 3rd was the clear winner in terms of growth percentage managing a tremendous + 74.6% push in registrations, the highest inside the top 10 for May. Peugeot took the #1 spot from Renault with a + 25.9% increase while Renault achieved a small plus of 1.6% and dropped into 2nd. The German brands of VW, Mercedes, BMW and Audi (in that order) took the next 4 slots on the ladder with Audi dominating in growth percentages with an impressive 30.4%, thanks predominately to the Q3, which was its brands most registered model. Both Fiat in 8th and Toyota in 9th managed to produce almost identical gains over May 2018 totals (525 for Fiat and 524 for Toyota). Fiat were + 51.7% with the 500-model scoring almost 500 of those extra registrations, while Toyota achieved a + 59.3% thanks to Yaris and RAV4 which scored the 1st and 2nd spot in their OEM’s ranking. Ford finished in 10th place and while not a positive month overall both the Focus and Ecosport more than doubled their corresponding totals from May last year.


Fuel type performance

We decided to take a glimpse into the YTD (year-to-date) numbers for True Fleet fuel types, given the numerous protests within France surrounding the controversial tax changes related to them. Diesel’s decline in True Fleets continued seemingly unabated, down 10.2% to a little over 125,000 registrations, marking the lowest YTD May figures since the global financial crisis of 2009. Petrol registrations meanwhile have grown substantially (+ 63.8%) and have more than taken up the slack left by the diesel decline, while Alternative fuels (mostly Electric and Hybrid) have pushed their footprint up by 18.9% when compared to last year, leaving them on course for a very good 2019.

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