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Market Data for the Automotive Market

We provide relevant automotive market data for over 40 countries worldwide. Get the latest information on current market events on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Our data allows you to analyse different market segments in depth, identify future trends and derive measures for your strategy.

  • Official registration data provided by local authorities allows you to assess your own market position and that of your competitors.  
  • The raw data is standardised and processed by our data management engineers to provide you with the most accurate information available in the market, enabling an individual or an European market evaluation.
  • We deliver the data in a way that suits your needs: either via our flexible online BI tools: IBM Cognos Viewer and Tableau, or as a classic report in PPT, PDF, XLS, interactively embedded via HTML or via an API.  
  • You can also integrate your own data to create own specific dimensions or fully customised reports. 

New registration datato assess trends in the overall market

With our data on new registrations, the different market segments – Private Market, True Fleet Market, Short-Term-Rentals, Dealerships and Manufacturers are presented separately. Within the above mentioned channels a deeper look into sectos/branches, leasing or company cars is available for a large amount of EU markets. The consideration of passenger car and commercial vehicle registrations in EU or worldwide will offer you a realistic picture of the current market situation.

  • “Where are the vehicles actually registered?”
  • “Which fuel types are relevant for my target group?”
  • “How are new registrations of electric cars developing worldwide?”
  • “What is the impact of registrations by dealers/OEMs on the market?” 

Regional datafor evaluating specific regions or own areas 

Our regional data allows you to perform a clear analysis of defined areas and their potential, as well as performance measurement, based on regional units or customised regions. We provide you with individual or standardised information at regional level in the form of post code (5-digit postcodes) or political area level. 

  • “Which region has new, unidentified market potential?”
  • “Which metropolitan areas are particularly attractive for us as an importer brand?”  
  • “I need basic data to evaluate the area of a specific manager.”

Parc data for passenger cars and commercial vehiclesto analyse the status quo in the automotive market 

The data provides you with a country-specific overview of car and commercial vehicle stocks, units in operation (UIO) and stock information. You can see the exact market shares of brands and models, fuel types and body types, including the age of the vehicles in stock and other criteria. This allows you to determine the exact market potential for your brand. 

  • How does the holding period change for different vehicle models?”  
  • What is the replacement potential in the market?”  
  •  What are the main fuel types in specific markets?”

Private Loyalty – assessing customer loyalty in the German market 

In today’s dynamic competitive environment, this metric is critical to measuring a brand’s success and understanding customer decision making and purchasing behaviour. With loyalty data for the German market, you can understand how loyal customers are to each manufacturer’s brand. You can see exactly how often your customers switch to another brand or to your competitor. 

  • What percentage of customers switched to the competition?”
  • How many customers did I win from a competing brand?”
  • “Do I need to adjust my sales and marketing efforts to increase customer loyalty?”

Commercial vehicle dataDevelopments in the European commercial vehicle market 

The commercial vehicle data allows you to identify market potential and derive concrete measures for your planning. The data is prepared according to various market dimensionsmake, model, fuel type, body style, engine power, total weightallowing you to accurately measure performance. Commercial vehicle data is currently available for 30 European countries.

  • What is the share of specific vehicle types in the total commercial vehicle market? 
  • What fuel types are used in certain vehicle classes?”  
  • Which trends do I need to consider when planning my strategy?

Used car datato monitor the used car market

With used car data, you can track the development of the used car market by observing the flow of buyers and sellers. Based on the first registration date, you can evaluate how many keepers the vehicle had, or how old the vehicle was, when it was re-registered. This allows you to identify the paths of classic used cars, rental vehicles or daily registrations. To optimise your market control, the number of changes of ownership is shown for each market segment on a make and model basis, as well as all technical data.

  • “How many commercial vehicles are now in the private market? 
  • “After what time do lessor vehicles change hands?”  
  • How do my direct competitors control new registrations in the market?”

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