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Market Research

We have been collecting data on motor vehicle fleets of German companies since 1993. Our unique country-wide database presents exceptional potential:

  • > 100.000 Car Parc’s
  • > 1.4 M registered vehicles
  • Representing a sufficiently large cross section of data for the German fleet market
  • All sectors of industry

Studies & Analyses

Through our permanent survey of more than 100,000 fleets, we create independent, regular analyzes on various topics

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Ad-Hoc Survey

Due to approx. 500 interviews daily, it is possible to conduct small market research projects within a very short time with representative results

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Market Research

On customer request or on our own we carry out large national and international market research projects in the vehicle B2B area

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Dataforce Studies & Analyses

A long-term study of German company car parc’s and their representative fleet managers provides us with an extensive potential for analysis.

Thanks to a continuous survey begun in 1993 you can see Changes and Trends in the Behavior and Construction of companies with automotive fleets. With one of the key points being the ability to evaluate the data according to the various fleet sizes. This primary research is complemented by additional surveys of car parc/fleet managers, which are conducted at regular intervals. This has generated a Portfolio of Standard Studies and Analyses which are able to delve deeply in the German TrueFleet market.

Fuel cards are no longer only used for fuel. A diverse refuel and loading world also brings new challenges. Do the fleet managers need fuel and loading cards? What other services do they want to bill using the fuel card? Dataforce interviewed 565 fleet managers.

The current Dataforce Analysis Fuel Cards 2020 – besides to a competition analysis with market penetration and market shares, which has been updated as usual – is exploring the expansion of the service package of fuel cards this year. In addition to supposed standard services such as car wash, which in fact is billed by almost all companies using the fuel card, the analysis also highlights new options such as the wish to use the fuel card to operate the charging station around the corner. Our evaluation not only emphasizes the importance of the flexible design of a fuel card as a sales characteristic, but also uncovers product expansion options.

What will fuel cards have to offer in the future to remain competitive?

Powering fleets: we’ll show you how it’s done!

Fleet managers plan to double the proportion of e-vehicles and plug-in hybrids in their fleets by the middle of next year – despite some concerns.

The current Dataforce analysis Powertrain focuses on the development and use of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles – and the associated infrastructure. Also the question “Why are the fleets not yet electrified?” is answered: Short ranges, high acquisition costs, lack of funding or incomplete infrastructure are the classic arguments. However, the analysis shows that another factor has apparently been underestimated so far. That’s why our market research experts present a roadmap on how manufacturers can exactly meet the needs of fleet managers.

Future developments can be predicted fairly accurately with the right methodology today. Plans, strategies and tactics can now be made for the next year. With the detailed results of the 2019-2020 forecast of the relevant fleet market, the special factors and the private market paired with a detailed brand and model forecast, Dataforce provides the basis for Germany’s decision-makers in the automotive market.

Telematics is becoming increasingly important in the fleet business, or is the impression deceptive?

Which telematics systems are particularly in demand, and what does all this have to do with the driver’s license check? Cheaper insurance premiums, and suddenly telematics will be attractive, even for you?

Ad-Hoc Survey

The ad-hoc survey also called Fleet Insight, gives quick answers to your own questions. It may be the acceptance of a new product, the brand awareness, the choice between two options, or what is important to the customer and to be explored quickly.

The interview just has to fit in max. 5 questions and have the target group fleet.

Selected Questions

Great sample

All fleet sizes, cross-industry

Results within 2-3 weeks

Results in Excel or PPT

Market Research

Openness to the customer’s ideas as well as a feeling for the respective target group are the alpha and omega of market research projects. For each project, we once again ask ourselves how to define the target group and what questionnaire and analysis technology are bringing the most meaningful results.

Basics of our modern market research call center:

  • Online and Email Surveys (CAWI)
  • Telephone interviews (CATI)
  • For international projects: native speaker
  • Expert interviews
  • Face-to-face interviews (personal interviews)
  • Conjoint Analysis
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