Market Research

We have been collecting data on motor vehicle fleets of German companies since 1993. Our unique country-wide database presents exceptional potential:

  • > 100.000 Car Parc’s
  • > 1.4 M registered vehicles
  • Representing a sufficiently large cross section of data for the German fleet market
  • All sectors of industry

Dataforce Studies & Analyses

A long-term study of German company car parc’s and their representative fleet managers provides us with an extensive potential for analysis.

Thanks to a continuous survey begun in 1993 you can see Changes and Trends in the Behavior and Construction of companies with automotive fleets. With one of the key points being the ability to evaluate the data according to the various fleet sizes. This primary research is complemented by additional surveys of car parc/fleet managers, which are conducted at regular intervals. This has generated a Portfolio of Standard Studies and Analyses which are able to delve deeply in the German TrueFleet market.

With regularity, you can gain access to the following studies:

  • Leasing Company Analysis
  • Analysis of Fuel charge cards
  • Telematics Analysis
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Auto Workshop and Aftersales Analysis