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IRIS NET® – Maintain an overview of your territory structures at all times!

With IRIS NET® we offer a fully comprehensive dealer network planning suite. Dealer networks can be processed “on-the-fly” and detailed analyses can be carried out immediately. Use the evaluation of conquest rates, the loyalty matrix, new registrations per brand and region. In addition, we have other key figures such as socio-demographic data and driving times as well as geo-location for the localisation of dealers.

With IRIS NET® you can keep an overview of your territory structures at all times! This product provides you with a clear and intuitive online tool in which you can update your individual network with just a few clicks. In the process, regions can be easily defined manually, as well as segments can be defined themselves and updated at any time.

  • Up-to-date: See changes in market share, sales and market potential in your dealer network and among competitors directly in the dashboard. – Always up-to-date, accessible from anywhere and directly applicable.
  • Strategy: Derive precise measures for the further development of your dealer locations and area-specific sales campaigns.
  • Potential: Create strategic plans for the optimisation of your dealer territories based on current market data and socio-demographic data for your region

IRIS NET® is the solution for your network planning:   


  • For network developers: Make just-in-time changes to the dealer network and evaluate the changes according to market potential and other key figures such as charging infrastructure and socio-demographics.
  • For decision-makers in sales: Use various overviews to track the development of the individual regions and derive measures for further development. The potential analysis of the dealer network also supports you in this.
  • For regional managers: See the performance of your own region and compare it with the rest of Germany.
  • For the point of sales in the dealership: Identify new potential in your sales region in clear dashboards and use it to motivate your sales team.
  • For car manufacturers: Use the regional analysis to see how you should approach your regional planning! You can also analyse your competitors per region. In addition, IRIS NET® also allows you to identify fuel type and EV trends.

The Advantages of IRIS NET®


From network to segment planning, sales analysis to dealer information system, IRIS NET® is the suite for everything.


Individual set-up of modules depending on the user. IRIS NET® is therefore entry-level software for trade and expert software for planners.


Changes in the network or segment can be analysed and visualised immediately. IRIS NET® enables high-performance runtime analyses.


25 years of experience as a market segment specialist make it possible to take special key figures into account (e.g. fleet score according to statistical districts).

IRIS NET® is our license-free system, which is provided with daily data updates. Individual data changes can be implemented within 2 business days upon request. Regular design & function improvements ensure the continuous development of the system.

The features of IRIS NET®

IRIS NET® has many features. We present the six most important ones here in an overview. Use our system for individual analysis, planning and collaboration to extract the information you need as a basis for your next decision regarding marketing, sales, planning and development of products as well as your networks. You’re not the only one who needs this information? Share your knowledge from the numbers with your colleagues with just one click or show the results live in the system during a meeting.


Analysis of the dealer network according to all available key figures, e.g. network coverage, market potential and drive times. Display of registrations, market shares, sales, competitor networks, dealer conglomerates with filters. Representation of dealer locations in a cartographic visualization system down to street level possible.


Dealer network planning and development. Evaluation of dealer networks with inclusion of sales, territorial invasions/territorial encroachments and capillarity of networks. Territory evaluation based on after sales potential as well as drive times. Optimization of dealer network inventories.​​


Change of vehicle segments incl. immediate analysis of results. Preliminary change and share or publish.


Display complex or simple reports and dashboards to show performance by location or in general.


Share maps, analytics and dashboards with colleagues. Unlock according to the different recipient groups.


Provision of all reports & studies in one system. Find all information categorized and clearly arranged.

IRIS NET® thus helps with network planning in the automotive industry. The tool supports you not only in regional planning and regional analysis, but also in your network planning and network optimisation. Thus, you can improve your network development in the first step and quickly optimise your distribution network in the automotive industry in the second.

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