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A compact digest for the comparison of cost, tax and subsidies in 11 countries

Different countries, different tax regulations – With the multitude of different specifications and ever new adjustments, it is difficult to keep track of everything. You are certainly familiar with this problem and in order to bring light into the darkness, we have developed the Car Taxation Guide for you. On the 68 pages, it covers all current regulations on car taxation: taxes and subsidies on purchase, car tax (fee on registration of the car or for road use), company car taxation and depreciation regulations, if a distinction is made between e-vehicles and internal combustion vehicles. And all of this for 11 countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden).

Komprimierte Daten

Transparency through compressed data: The information is selected and prepared for you in such a way that you receive a compact but extensive overview of all relevant data.


Comprehensible through appealing visualization: presentation of information in tables as well as easy navigation and findability within the guide.

For easy comparability the fees are calculated for a selected vehicle segment, usage profile and for the fuel types Petrol, PHEV and EV. A compact SUV with a mileage of 50,000 km over 3 years serves as a benchmark. Included in the calculations are fuel and electricity costs, as well as the acquisition costs when buying a new vehicle. Based on this calculation, it can be seen how attractive or unattractive the choice of a PHEV or BEV, compared to a pure combustion engine, can be for a company or a private person. In addition, a general market overview allows for you to see what impact the various taxes have generally had on the automotive market with the guide enabling a comparison of these values between the 11 different countries. All this allows you to discover perhaps just how attractive EV mobility could possibly be from one country to the next!

Included in the calculations are fuel and electricity costs, as well as acquisition costs at the time of purchase and, of course, tax differences. A general market overview is also possible to see what impact the various taxes generally have on the automotive market.motive market.

The advantages OF THE Car Taxation Guides:


  • Get an overview of the tax burden for the different fuel types and see how varied support affects CO2 emissions and market share
  • Stay up to date with timelines, see which countries have changed and where changes are imminent
  • Up-to-date references and clear layout provide allow you to quickly find the information you need
  • Case studies showing the concrete impact of taxes in euros and cents
  • The capacity to draw direct comparisons between the 11 markets with regard to the attractiveness of EVs
  • Extensive basis for fleet managers to decide whether electrified drives are worthwhile or not
  • Save time with an easy-to-understand and appealing presentation


In times of heterogeneous markets using a wide variety of vehicle taxes and incentives, the Car Taxation Guide offers a condensed overview of 11 countries. Making it an ideal reference work for sales planning, product management and analysis.

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