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How many and – more importantly – which vehicles are already in operation in the selected market? Dataforce has inventory data for passenger cars and commercial vehicles from Germany.

Get the data of the automotive market you need

Dataforce is able to provide for a selected amount of countries the Parc information or Units in Operation (UIO). This gives a unique, in-depth view of the different market segments AND allows our customers to have the best understanding of different aspects, such as:

  • Type of owner (private, true fleet, rental, dealer & importer)
  • Makes and Models, as well the distinction between passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Age of the vehicles in the Parc/ Units in Operation
  • Fuel type
  • Body type (Is it for example a hatchback, sedan or SUV)
  • For certain countries a deeper level of data is available

Interested in other aspects? We can offer much more.

Check with our international sales contact for further information.

These distinctions give you quick and easy assessment of the market. You can answer questions such as:

   How many diesel vehicles can we expect to be traded in?

   Is the average vehicle age increasing or decreasing?

   What is my expected potential for a loyalty trade in program for model Y?

   What is the expected holding time for fleet vehicles?

Example of Our Data

Deep dive into the German Parc Age per Fuel Type

How do you want your data delivered?

Reporting in TABLEAU

With IRIS Viewswe offer intuitive visualizations and drill-down possibilities to provide information for manager as well as the data analyst

IBM Cognos Viewer

IBM Cognos Viewer, our convenient and flexible online analysis tool that helps the market analyst to research what is happening in the market. Easy to download datasets for further analysis.

File or Feed

As PPT, PDF, XLS, HTML or via API, we create and deliver our static and dynamic reports to your individual needs.

Our Available Market Dimensions

We provide a unique, in-depth view of market segments. Our data is available on an annual base.

To polish the accurate representation of market segments, we are able to dive deep into the data even more:

Car Makes


Fuel Type / EV

Vehicle Body Style

Sales Channels

Vehicle Age

Engine Power

Are you interested in our data? Further countries are available on request with an estimated implementation and delivery of 120-150 days. Our contact person will be happy to provide you the answers you need with no obligation:


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