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In the fast-moving automotive industry, informed decision-making is critical. Dataforce offers you a powerful tool for management-level market analysis and forecasting with the management dashboards in IRIS VIEWS. Dataforce has automotive market data in over 40 countries worldwide. Our years of experience and unique approach to market segmentation by industry and fleet size class set us apart from the competition.

Our database contains millions of data sets and in-depth information of the automotive market in the country offered. Keep an eye on the market share in the automotive sector! Find out where vehicles are registered and how you can optimise your volume planning. Discover forecasting and other figures to monitor the market and get insights into CO2 data as part of the Road To Zero programme.

Due to the huge amount of available data, IRIS VIEWS® is THE analysis tool for all decision-makers in the automotive industry.


Use the analysis of conquest rates, the loyalty matrix, new registrations per brand and region and other key figures to monitor the market and make well-founded decisions based on these developments for your planning or to manage the sales regions.

Dealer network analysis allows you to measure the performance of your regional units. Define your own territories! Similar to the national new registrations and inventory, you can obtain individual or standardised information on a regional basis. This can be in the form of postal areas (5-digit postcodes) or political areas (municipality codes/statistical districts). Finally, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • “Where is there new, unidentified market potential?”
  • “Which metropolitan areas are particularly attractive for us as an importer brand?”
  • “I need basic data to evaluate my area managers”

Our standard dashboards include:

  • EU Geo: Whether comparing vehicle, market segments, fuel types, brands or everything combined. This dashboard provides everything you need to observe the development in Europe, but also the differences between the countries.
  • EU Country: Define your most important markets and look at them in detail or pass the data on to your country organisation so that you can – on the basis of the same data – exploit new potentials together.
  • Deutschland: Keep track of the German market with the most in-depth data. Five market segments and 23 fleet sizes are just some of the analysis options on this dashboard.
  • Deutschland Geo: Within the framework of 400 registration districts or your very own areas, regional differences and potentials can be revealed. In addition to the presentation of the relevant fleet market and individual fleet sizes, it also becomes visible per region where discounts can be expected in the private market.
  • Road 2 Zero: The development of CO2 emissions is a current topic that can be analysed in this dashboard in combination with brands, vehicle segments, drive types and countries.
  • EU Forecasting: Based on the Dataforce EV Forecast, direct values per, quarter and month can be displayed and exported for own extrapolation.
  • Private Loyalty: How loyal are your customers and from which brands do you conquer? The Private Loyalty Dashboard shows not only the loyalty of customers to a specific model on a monthly basis, but also the conquests and losses per brand/model.
  • GEO Explorer: This dashboard is THE support for your network planning. Find new regions, evaluate existing ones and conduct competitor reviews. Analyse your target group and gain valuable insights into dealer locations, market trends, and sales channels at a regional and postcode level.

With our CO2 Dashboard as part of the Road To Zero programme, you get a clear insight into the world of WLTP and NEDC data in Europe based on individual market segments (private – fleet – rental – vehicle manufacturing/trade). The comparison between average CO2 data, the always current targets and the penalty can be easily illustrated. The target can be set per OEM / OEM group or CO2 pooling. Save time on calculations and compare yourself on a country level with other brands and models in specific time periods and segments to reach your targets!

  • “Which brand is leading the way on CO2?”
  • “Am I on track to meet my CO2 targets?”
  • “What is the CO2 data of my competitors in Spain?”

For all solutions, choose between a standard dashboard in the Dataforce design or define your very own dashboard with your own KPIs and CI with our market experts.

Insight into our management dashboards

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Enhance, improve and sharpen your volume planning with Dataforce. Use the most precise information to improve your business decisions with our help.



What sets Dataforce apart from the competition is our experience of over 25 years as a market leader in Germany. Dataforce has achieved this through the unique combination of detailed market segmentation by sector and simultaneous subdivision of the commercial market by fleet size class. These parameters, which are especially indispensable for fleet analyses, are available to you in all data streams collected by Dataforce:

  • New registrations
  • Parc data
  • Ownership registrations
  • Private loyalty
  • Forecasts


These various data streams enable Dataforce to offer the greatest possible flexibility in analysis, as all analysis dimensions (make, model, body style, fuel type, weight, etc.) can be combined with each other in various ways. From a complete overview of the market to the presentation of your individual KPIs and the analysis of regional differences – Dataforce is your competent and reliable partner.

Thanks to the visualisation software Tableau, our management dashboards are particularly easy to understand with their clear presentation and a drill-down into the data. Thanks to your online access to IRIS VIEWS, you can view the dashboards at any time and from anywhere.



With the management dashboards in IRIS VIEWS® and the visualisation software Tableau, Dataforce goes beyond simple reporting services.

We offer not only current market figures, but also customised reports that help you understand future developments at management level. Because individuality plays a major role!

Dataforce creates customised reports for you and supports you in all phases of the reporting process as your reliable partner: from the precise definition of your questions to the comprehensive design and implementation of our reports. You determine the frequency of regular data delivery! Thanks to Tableau, our reports are easy to understand and offer a clear visualisation with the option of immersing yourself in the data.

Are you interested in a trial access to our IRIS VIEWS® tool? Fill out the form and get a 14-day access to the system.

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