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Multiple choice possible

Dataforce EU Passenger Car Report 2024 – Recovery expected

Slashing incentives for electric vehicles pushes the share of BEVs below par in the first months of 2024. Stricter CO2-targets for [...]

Fewer semi-trailer trucks, more vans – how the European commercial vehicle market started into 2024

Dataforce has analysed the market development of light and heavy commercial vehicles in Europe. The period January-February 2024 w [...]

UK ZEV mandate could lead to fines worth 2.4 billion pounds in 2024

The UK has confirmed their ZEV mandate with a mandatory BEV share of 22% in 2024. A calculation based on new registrations in the [...]

Dataforce launches European HCV market data

With European market data on heavy trucks and busses, Dataforce is completing its portfolio of commercial vehicles data. The Heavy [...]

Market Update Western Europe August 2023

The EU’s new-car market experienced significant growth in July, continuing the positive trend observed over the past 11 mont [...]

Not small anymore, MG pushing into the Top 20 of brands in 2023

The automotive landscape in Europe is witnessing a remarkable shift as Chinese brands make their presence felt with impressive mar [...]

Dataforce Leasing Study EU-5: Market grows while customer satisfaction declines

The European passenger car market is in disruption. By 2028, almost every second new car will be fully electric. The classic purch [...]

Market Update Western Europe July 2023

The EU’s new-car market experienced significant growth in June, continuing the positive trend observed over the past 10 mont [...]

BEVs – Will electric vehicles be able to establish themselves in the market over the long term

The electrification of mobility is a current and important topic in society. There is much discussion about whether electric vehic [...]
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