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New Zealand: Halting demand but an increasing preference for SUVs and Pick-ups still

Following our Australian report series, we also took a look at the newly acquired data for a country which is about 4,000 kilometres away from [...]
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Switzerland: Tactical registrations bolstered total passenger car market

Passenger Cars: Tactical registrations kept up the overall market demand While the Private Market fell by 1.9%, commercial passenger car registrations grew notably by 18.2% [...]
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Australia’s Market segments by fuel type: diverse results, new directions and the missing type

For Part 3 of our Australian report series we wanted to add a further dimension to the fuel type trends: Market Segments. Again, we saw [...]
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Switzerland’s True Fleet continues its contraction in March, though not all brands are feeling the pinch

With 72.088 passenger car registrations in the first quarter of 2019 the Swiss market was down 0.8% year-on-year. After the declining first two months of [...]
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Brand loyalty– Tesla and Dacia at the same level, SEAT Ateca as a conqueror

At first glance, these two manufacturers could not be more different. And yet the Romanian manufacturer and the electric car pioneer from Palo Alto, California, [...]
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Fuel types: What drives the Australian Market place? And is it changing?

So, we have established some of the structure and history of the Australian automotive market place in our part 1 press release and now want [...]
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March 2019: German True Fleets up for the third time in a row

New passenger car registrations in March 2019 were only 0.5% down compared to the same month of last year. However, the results of the individual [...]
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UK True Fleet takes a dip and sees its lowest March figures since 2014

The UK True Fleet has delivered another negative month for 2019 in what is usually the strongest month of the year (due to the new [...]
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True Fleets with another month of decline but new record shares for Petrol and EV

With slightly under 129,000 registrations the Spanish passenger car market scored a loss of 3.6% over March 2018. Self-registrations on car manufacturers and dealerships were [...]
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