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Swiss Privat Market softened, Commercial registrations with small growth

Passenger car market in July 2019 In July, passenger car registrations fell slightly compared to the corresponding prior year’s month (- 0.8%). While commercial registrations eked [...]
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True Fleet Germany First Half Year 2019

Market Data Measure success and launch the best sales strategy with a clear view of market activity. As market leader for fleet information, we provide [...]
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July 2019: True Fleets pushed new passenger car market to its best July since 2009

With almost 333,000 new passenger cars registered in July 2019, the total number of new registrations for this month was higher than in any other [...]
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UK True Fleet continues to contract, finishing Q2 without a positive month

Now with the first half of the year having gone by in a blur of negative growth we can only hope that the second half [...]
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Swiss car market turns into the red on sharp contraction in June

In June 2019 new passenger car registrations in Switzerland were down sharply on the same month last year. Nearly 28,000 registered passenger cars represent an [...]
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German LCV Fleet Market with a strong performance in the first five months

Definition and development of the registration figures Since 2001, Dataforce has worked on providing the best clarity for the LCV market in Germany. The LCV [...]
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French (True) Fleet numbers flying again as January’s red zone stays firmly in the rear-view mirror

Regarding the last four months, there has been some solid positive numbers for the True Fleet Market, though it seems that the Private Market continues [...]
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True Fleets in Spain continues to recover from a negative 1st quarter at a more sedate pace in May

After a small siesta in Q1 the Spanish True Fleet market appears to be back to positive ways, though the YTD (year-to-date) is still riding [...]
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Tactical channels keep up Swiss Total Market registrations once again

In May 2019, commercial registrations rose by 5.4%, while the Private Market fell by 3.7%. Overall, passenger car registrations grew by 0.3% in comparison to [...]
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