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Australia – A Dataforce insight into one of our newest markets available

Australia, the land of the Ute (Pickup), Cyber Cars (Dealer volume demos), Novated leasing and annual registrations of around 1.1 million new cars has now [...]
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Michael & Richard Netherlands Dec 18

Hallo! "Khoo duh More khen“   "Khoo duh midakh"  Its Michael and Richard….from the company Dataforce R:So while it is now actually 2019 and this is [...]
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French True Fleets with a challenging Q4 but with a growth for the full year 2018

In December the French passenger car market only achieved around 165,000 registrations which equated to a double-digit loss of 14.5%. With “only” - 9.6% the [...]
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Spain is the only EU5 True Fleet Market with a growth in December

December 2018 showed a drop of 3.3% for the Spanish automotive market but the performance of the different channels was mixed. While private registrations were [...]
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German True Fleet Market is Europe’s #1 for 2018

Since September 2018, delivery problems and delays in homologation due to the introduction of WLTP have hit the German automotive market. The consequences still remain [...]
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UK True Fleet continues to battle to remain Europe’s #1 for volume

The UK has continued to recover from the massive drop caused by WLTP in September. While still in negative territory it has reduced the gap [...]
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Is the Hybrid share in the automotive market overestimated?

With fuel types choices moving more and more into the focus of the (fleet) market, Dataforce has implemented a comprehensive overhaul of our registration data, [...]
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November storm whirling around Italian True Fleet Market

The slide in the Italian car market continued in November. With a 16.4% dip, the True Fleet Market was hit markedly worse than the Total [...]
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True Fleets with another bumpy month in France, while EVs appear to be rocketing

In both September and October, the French passenger car market was less affected by the impact of WLTP than the other big European countries. With [...]
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