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Spanish Fleet market up in 2022

So far this year 167.8 thousand true fleet vehicles have been sold in Spain, which is 10.8 thousand more than last year. The total [...]

The German passenger market increased in August

The passenger car market grew by +3% to 199183 units, the commercial vehicle market declined -7.2% to 18133 units. 2022 biggest pa [...]

English Fleet market down in 2022

So far this year 375.7 thousand true fleet vehicles have been sold in the United Kingdom, which is -46.1 thousand less than last y [...]

FIAT PANDA is the best sold car in August in Italy

In August the market was 8.2% higher than last year. However, for the full year the market declined with-19.3%, resulting in 882.7 [...]

French Market August – Performance brands

DACIA has the biggest increase of the French market compared to 2021, with 3200 registrations more. PEUGEOT meanwhile is strugglin [...]

Dataforce’s Model Lifecycle Calendar creates clarity for new car releases

The life cycles of models are becoming shorter, and manufacturers are changing their vehicle range more quickly. The Dataforce Mod [...]

The future is electric – just a question of time?

Strategic commitments by manufacturers provide clarity on the fuel type of the future. Electric share at least 21% by 2027, 56% by [...]

Road2Zero – Dataforce considers the new EU CO2 targets as feasible

Following the EU decision, Dataforce expects BEVs to become prevalent across the EU by 2035. Investments in infrastructure, batter [...]

May Performance English market 2022

In May the Market was down vs. last year with -20,6%. Year to date, the total market is also down with -8,7%, and is now at 661,1k [...]
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