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Dataforce European car market forecast 2023: A slow recovery from the low-point

Despite difficult economic circumstances, Dataforce expects the passenger car market to grow in 2023. As production continues to r [...]

Dataforce Balance 2022: Thanks to a strong final spurt and pull-forward effects, the German passenger car market finished positive after all

With 2.65 million passenger car registrations, the year 2022 closes with a slight increase of about 29,000 passenger car registrat [...]

Dataforce analysis on CO2 development and electrification in Europe

The EU, but also Switzerland and the United Kingdom, require car manufacturers to meet strict CO2 targets. Under the keyword Road- [...]

Dataforce CEO Marc A. Odinius is inducted into the Fleet Europe Hall of Fame

At the Fleet Europe Awards ceremony in Dublin, the CEO and owner of Dataforce Marc A. Odinius received the prestigious award for h [...]

Do PHEVs still have a future in Europe?

The internal combustion engines with an additional electric option occupy a unique place. They are supposed to combine the best of [...]

BEV grant cuts to delay e-mobility in Germany

Germany is going to cut EV grants in 2023. According to Dataforce analysis, this will severely delay the ramp-up of e-mobility. In [...]

Spanish Fleet market up in 2022

So far this year 167.8 thousand true fleet vehicles have been sold in Spain, which is 10.8 thousand more than last year. The total [...]

The German passenger market increased in August

The passenger car market grew by +3% to 199183 units, the commercial vehicle market declined -7.2% to 18133 units. 2022 biggest pa [...]

English Fleet market down in 2022

So far this year 375.7 thousand true fleet vehicles have been sold in the United Kingdom, which is -46.1 thousand less than last y [...]
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