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The Icelandic passenger market increased in September, but the commercial vehicle market went down

The passenger car market grew by +24,7% to 1400 units, the commercial vehicle market declined -21% to 83 units. 2021 biggest passe [...]

September Performance Hungarian market 2021

In September the Market was down vs. last year with -16,8%. Year to date, the total market is however up with 4,9%, and is now at [...]

TOYOTA COROLLA is the best sold car in September in Latvia

In September the Market was -41,3% lower than last year. In addition, the year so far is negative, with a -7% decrease, and stands [...]

Austrian Market September – Performance brands

VW has the biggest increase of the Austrian market compared to 2020, with 3700 registrations more. RENAULT meanwhile is struggling [...]

Italian fleet market up in 2021, also Private sales up

So far this year 257,5 thousand true fleet vehicles have been sold in Italy, which is 61,2 thousand more than last year.  The tota [...]

Finnish passenger car market down in September, as well as the commercial vehicle market

The passenger car market went down by -22,4% to 6534 units, the commercial vehicle market contracted with -8,5% to 1060 units. 202 [...]

September Performance Belgian market 2021

The Belgian market continued to go down in September with a decrease of -9,6k units. The total market so far for the year is 319,9 [...]

German fleet market up in 2021, but Private sales down

So far this year 598,1 thousand true fleet vehicles have been sold in Germany, which is 28,2 thousand more than last year. The tot [...]

Tactical Registrations in Europe – Covid-19 and semiconductors broke the trend

The Covid-19 pandemic and semiconductor shortage have disrupted the trend towards self-registrations in Europe. The Dataforce anal [...]
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