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Challenging times for the European RAC market

In the European automotive market, the Rent-A-Car channel appears to be taking the hardest hit in percentage loss as a result of t [...]

Records and difficulties: a view into a European leader and an ex-European leader

With 2019 in the rear-view mirror and fading fast we still wanted to bring our look at what happened in 2019 within the EU-5 but a [...]

UK True Fleet continues to contract, finishing Q2 without a positive month

Now with the first half of the year having gone by in a blur of negative growth we can only hope that the second half will bring s [...]

UK True Fleet takes a dip and sees its lowest March figures since 2014

The UK True Fleet has delivered another negative month for 2019 in what is usually the strongest month of the year (due to the new [...]

UK True Fleet continues to battle to remain Europe’s #1 for volume

The UK has continued to recover from the massive drop caused by WLTP in September. While still in negative territory it has reduce [...]

UK True Fleet with another drop in October but SUVs still rocketing

Following a massive drop of 20.5% (“thanks” to WLTP) the passenger car market in UK was down by “only” 2.9% in October and scored [...]

UK True Fleet takes some heavy blows from the first round of WLTP

UK True Fleet Market hit harshly from WLTP in September number plate change. Though 17 out of 20 OEMs were in the red and lost up [...]

The UK True Fleet steps up its game with an exceptionally green August

Hurrah! In August the UK passenger car market achieved its highest growth for 2018 so far, thanks to an amazing + 23.1% compared t [...]

The UK True Fleet back in the black with a surplus of 1.4% in July

While in June the UK True Fleet Market finished in the red by only 29 registrations July showed a growth of + 1.4%. This positive [...]