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Road2Zero – Dataforce considers the new EU CO2 targets as feasible

Frankfurt, 30.06.22

Dataforce Infografik CO2-Ziele EN

Following the EU decision, Dataforce expects BEVs to become prevalent across the EU by 2035. Investments in infrastructure, battery recycling and raw material extraction must increase. Bigger challenges are ahead for light commercial vehicles.


Following the European Commission and the EU Parliament, the European Council also voted on Tuesday that new passenger cars will no longer be allowed to emit CO2 from 2035. In addition, the reduction target for 2030 was tightened from -35% to -50%.

Dataforce’s forecast indicate targets for passenger cars as achievable. Technologically, it comes down to battery-electric powertrains. Whether e-fuels / synthetic fuels can also contribute remains to be seen. However, the compromise allows to sell internal combustion engines in niches where the switch to e-mobility would lead to disproportionately high costs.

The bigger challenge is the electrification of LCVs. With the current state of technology, not all use cases can be covered. However, the industry has proven it can meet most such challenges.

The decision is also important for the expansion of the charging infrastructure, the securing of raw materials and battery recycling. Here, the EU decision encourages the necessary investments. In order for a European charging network to be established fast enough, also in Southern and Eastern Europe, the countries will need further support from the EU.

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