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An analysis of fleet owners, user choosers and final customers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK


We surveyed over 3,750 people in 5 different countries on topics related to e-mobility. Therefore, we obtained the opinions of three different target groups: fleet manager, company car drivers and private individuals. The general topics such as the reasons for e-mobility and barriers for electrification, preconditions for electrifications and charging options & behavior (at the company and at home) are supplemented with an extensive brand evaluation: Which brand spontaneously comes to mind when the different target groups think of e-vehicles, and much more.

“More than one in three fleet managers can imagine using e-transporters!”

E-Mobility across the EU-5 Countries

Over a period of several weeks, we surveyed more than 800 fleet managers, 1.200 company car drivers and more than 1.700 private individuals on the topics of e-mobility, charging and billing options, the use of e-vehicles, and also the problems and challenges associated with them. The survey results are supplemented by current registration data by fuel type in the respective market channel to provide a comprehensive picture of the current status quo in the market. Besides this, it also gives an insight into the top brands and models per country in the field of alternative drives.

The results from the fleet manager survey show that the UK exhibits the strongest and continuous growth of e-vehicles in the true fleet market. By contrast, fleet managers in Germany are rating their preconditions for fleet electrification significantly worse than the rest of the countries despite high registration data. On the contrary, Italian fleet managers in turn see e-vehicles as suitable for everyday use.
In the user chooser part among other things the current car policies were analysed as well as the purchase criteria for company cars and the willingness to switch to alternative drives. Interestingly, the German company car drivers are still the most reserved when it comes to switching to alternative drives, despite high registration numbers and environmental bonuses.
In the private customer survey, we took a closer look at the decisive purchase criteria and highlighted the importance of driving range and individual charging behaviour. Besides that, we found out what the most popular BEV brands are and which prices customers are willing to pay for 8 specific BEV models.

The study package also includes a forecast report. Based on economic, legal and political factors, this shows the most important developments of the automotive market by market channel and by country (Fleets, Private, DEMO and short term rentals) until 2027. Furthermore, the forecast report contains a prognosis for the development of the drive types by market segment.

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I. Fleet manager

  1. New car registration data in True Fleet
  2. Conditions for fleet electrification
  3. Reasons for BEV/PHEV in fleets and obstacles to electrification
  4. Charging options at the company and payment at public charging points
  5. BEV brand awareness & Pricing range for 8 BEV models

II. User chooser

  1. New car registration data in True Fleet
  2. Car policies
  3. Purchase criteria for company cars & Pros and cons of BHEVs
  4. Charging behaviour & Required driving range for BEVs
  5. Rating of 15 brands in terms of their technological progress of BEV & Leasing rates for 8 EV models

III. Private customer

  1. New car registration data in private market
  2. Purchase criteria for private car buyers
  3. Willingness to switch fuel type
  4. Pros and cons of BEVs & Charging behaviour
  5. Required driving range for BEVs & Preferred BEV brands & Pricing range for 8 BEV models

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