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Fuel cards: great potential for digital all-rounders!

Frankfurt, 24.03.20

Infographic Fuel Cards

Most fleet managers now understand that you can also pay for car wash using fuel cards. But when it comes to charging with electricity, they rarely choose the classic fuel card.


The new fuel card analysis from Dataforce holds many surprises. For this, the fleet manager database “FleetBase®” with over 19,000 interviews from 2019 was again analyzed in detail. In addition, almost 600 fleet managers were asked online about the current status quo.


Fuel cards become all-rounders

Regarding the additional services that are billed via the fuel card, you get a completely new picture. Five years ago, it was asked for the first time about the billing of car washes using the fuel card, and 49% said they used this service. Today it is 76%. And 32% today pay the truck toll via the fuel card – in 2015 only 6% chose the fuel card to charge the toll for their trucks.


Penetration of fuel cards stagnated (at a high level)

Ten years ago, 70% of German fleet operators with more than five vehicles used fuel cards to bill for fuel – and it is surprising that almost nothing has changed. Today 74% use the plastic card with many advantages. However, there is still room for improvement when you consider the fast-paced digital world we live in.


Reluctance to pay electricity

The questions about billing alternative fuel types are somewhat sobering. Although over half of the fleet managers are familiar with the charging cards of the major electricity providers E.On and EnBW, they do not use this card. A third of the respondents (34%) associate the DKV with the billing of electricity, whereby 8.3% of all fleet managers surveyed use this. No wonder, because exactly two thirds of all those surveyed stated that they find the billing of electricity with the fuel card “rather not important” or “not important at all”. For the OEMs, it remains to be hoped that customers will use billing options via app, debit or credit card, because the VW ID3, Polestar 2 and BMW i4, which are about to be launched on the market, ultimately want to be charged.


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