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Fuel and electricity – placing everything on one card?


Version 2020 of the Dataforce fuel card analysis provides information about which fuel cards are used, what exactly is billed and where the trend of fuel cards is going to.

“44 percent cannot currently identify a green fuel card provider.”

Fuel cards are no longer only used for fuel. A diverse refuel and loading world also brings new challenges. Do the fleet managers need fuel and loading cards? What other services do they want to bill using the fuel card? Dataforce interviewed 565 fleet managers.

The current Dataforce Analysis Fuel Cards 2020 – besides to a competition analysis with market penetration and market shares, which has been updated as usual – is exploring the expansion of the service package of fuel cards this year. In addition to supposed standard services such as car wash, which in fact is billed by almost all companies using the fuel card, the analysis also highlights new options such as the wish to use the fuel card to operate the charging station around the corner. Our evaluation not only emphasizes the importance of the flexible design of a fuel card as a sales characteristic, but also uncovers product expansion options.

What will fuel cards have to offer in the future to remain competitive?



  1. Management Summary & Recommendations for action
  2. Study Design: Methodology, Samples & Case Numbers
  3. Analysis part I: FleetBase® Profiles
    1. Competition analysis: penetration, development 10 years
    2. Competition analysis: market share
  4. Analysis Part II: FleetBase® ad hoc survey
    1. Services
    2. Charge accounting
    3. Awareness and use of charging cards
    4. Truck toll accounting
  5. Analysis part III: IRIS® PC new car registrations
    1.  Average consumption: Development
    2. Fuel types: Development
    3. New engines: Development
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