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Precise analysis solutions for product managers

The automotive market is constantly changing. This makes it particularly important for product managers to observe all the important events in the market. That’s why we have specialized in developing a product portfolio that not only gives you easy access to current market data, but also allows you to identify trends and plan for the future.

Road2Zero helps you understand how CO2 targets are evolving, whether you meet the demands, and how your competitors are adapting to the targets. With the market analysis dashboard you can keep an eye on what’s happening in the overall market, and the forecast helps you identify trends for the future to stay ahead of the competition! In addition, Private Loyalty gives you up-to-the-minute insights into customer loyalty behavior. You can analyze where customers are migrating to and from in real time.

Discover in detail how our tools can help you position your products and monitor developments throughout the entire product lifecycle. 

Road to Zero

A comprehensive programme providing unique information about the topic of electrification and CO2 emissions in the automotive industry. It contains all data and studies for the creation of a green strategy for market participants pursuing the goal of zero emissions. With Road 2 Zero, the reduction of emissions can also be understood in terms of the European Commission’s CAFE strategy. 

“Are the CO2 values of the registered vehicles from our car brand in line with our corporate objectives?” 

Review the CO2 performance of your models and brand versus the European target. Check which countries are having an impact on your average. Assess the impact based on model mix and fuel type mix. Benchmark yourself to your key competitors. 

You can use our specially designed “Road2Zero” dashboard to do a thorough but easy analysis and use the output in your further analysis or reporting. This can save you a lot of time in preparing the evaluation in the first place.

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Do you want to discover all benefits of the product?

We are happy to provide you with a test account, so you can see for yourself, if this solution would work for you and which options you have.

It is also possible to deliver and integrate the data in your existing system. This allows you to handpick the needed information. Dataforce can always find a solution that fits your and your companies’ needs.  


Get your outlook on the European automotive market with our prognoses on electrification. The forecast allows a detailed split between different fuel types, where we have paid special attention to project EV volumes. From 2035 all newly sold vehicles have to be electric, but the road leading there can be rocky and uncertain. Dataforce can help you there. As a unique feature, Dataforce is able to split out the forecast into the different market channels. The electrification forecast allows predictions for example, if plug-ins will remain interesting for the fleet channel, or if they will change to EV’s? 

In order to create the forecast, Dataforce has gone over and beyond to get the right information to build an accurate future model. This is done by utilizing our market knowledge and extensive research. For example, can we predict the effects of tax regulation changes on the amount of new car registrations in the EU countries. We combine our market and environment knowledge with statistical models to provide a baseline that will allow you to build your business case or road maps.

More details here.

How will changes in e-vehicle subsidies affect sales of a newly introduced model? 

“What impact will changes in taxation have on a particular market?”

Forecast Trends

Vehicle Lifecycle Calendar

With the Vehicle Lifecycle Calendar you can keep track of all model events until 2028. When will your competitors move towards 100% electric? When will core competitors introduce new volume models? When and in which segments will new competitors emerge. All the information is crucial to build the product plan of your model(s). Knowing the coming players in the next 6 years allows you to finetune the expectations that you will have.  

This product can be bought stand alone or also in combination with our Forecast.

More details here.

Car Taxation Guide 

The new Car Taxation Guide summarises detailed information on taxation and electric car subsidies in the 11 most important European markets. In addition, it includes a comparison of possible savings for BEVs as well as PHEVs for each country. The Car Taxation Guide gives an overview of the tax burden for the different fuel types and how subsidies affect CO2 emissions and market share. Using concrete example cases, the exact tax burden can be understood in euros and cents. All information is presented in clear tables and delivered in a PDF report.
Available from March 2023.

Car Taxation Guide

Market Analysis Dashboard 

It is likely that you will need to analyse the performance of your product line on a quarterly or even monthly basis. What is the overall market doing? What is my brand’s market share? What is the segment share of my model(s) compared to the target? How are my competitors performing? Where can we see deviations? Is our petrol engine underperforming? Are we losing sales in the private customer segment? With IRIS VIEWS Market Analysis, available per country and also for the whole of Europe, all these questions can be answered very quickly. You can create, modify and save your own settings selecting the scope you want to analyse and go back to your standard overview with just one click.

“Monthly performance check of my car models. Do the total registration volumes and market changes? See the market share percent and compare it to your key competitors.”  

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Dataforce has build a new dashboard for most of your analysis. The dashboards allow a more efficient and immediate analysis, reducing internal reporting efforts and timing.

In case you have further requirements, like a corporate styling or integration of own data -> it is possible to built and maintain a tailormade dashboard spec. This can be customised fully to your individual requirements and KPIs.

Private Loyalty

The private loyalty dashboard provides a clear overview about how loyal customers are to individual manufacturer brands and how often they change to another brand or car model. In an era where buyer behaviour fluctuates greatly, potentials for brands and trends in car models can be identified. 

Keeping your customers is one of the key objectives in product and marketing. Dataforce offers a product for the German market that gives you an overview of the loyalty of your customers; the product indicates if the customer is loyal (choosing your brand again) or if you reach new customers (informing you from which brand they come from). These insights are available right after the month of registrations, which means you can closely monitor new model launches of yourself and competition as well review the effect of loyalty enhancing campaigns. 

Loyalty Dashboard

“The trade in offer for customers coming from your own brand for this quarter has been increased.
Check if this has improved the loyalty and has had no impact on your conquest rate.”

Loyalty timeline

The information can be provided in terms of an oneoff report, focused on your requirements. For example, if you want to know where your customers came from after a launch campaign and how many customers are new. It is also possible to take a subscription and look through the year at the data in our IRIS VIEWS dashboard in case you want to monitor the development of your brand throughout the year. The data behind the product is developed together with the Kraftfahrt Bundesamt.

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