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Are your customers as loyal as you would like them to?


Our Private Loyalty tools provide a monthly up to date status where your customers go to and where they come from.

You can either use our BI tools for updates or get a report that provides you with a snapshot.

“Private customers of Tesla were the most loyal in 2019.”



In case you have the need for a one shot of information, why not take the Private Loyalty Report of Dataforce. You can choose the period that you want to see and you can pick next to your own brand one competitor that you can use as benchmark.

Some examples where our reports could of use:

  1. Market introduction of a new model – you want to see how much of your customers your retain from your outgoing model? You have a conquest target for new customers?
  2. Incentive campaign – you want to see how successful your extra incentive bonus for loyal customers was?
  3. Marketing campaign – You want to know which are your key competitors that are taking your market share at this moment?



  1. Methodology
  2. Buyer Structure
    1. Market
    2. Your brand
  3. Loyalty & Conquest
    1. Marketoverview
    2. Market Overview of your brand + Segment + Fuel Type
    3. Market Overview Competitor 1 + Segment + Fuel Type
  4. Loyalty
    1. Your brand – Model Level (models up to 5 years old, max 10)
    2. Competitor 1 – Model Level
  5. Conquest
    1. Your brand – Model Level (models current)
    2. Competition 1 – Model Level (fitting models)

Prices & Delivery

Either you get your brand AND a competitor including the models OR you get an individual competition package with max. 5 models (e.g. the most important EVs)

  • Month: 2,500€
  • Quarter: 6,000€
  • Half Year: 9,000€
  • Year: 15,000€

Available as PDF or Excel report.

If you are interested in accessing our BI tool, we will be happy to send you an offer.

Preview of Report

Interested? You can order here directly. If you have further questions feel free to ask them via the form as well.

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