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Powering fleets: we’ll show you how it’s done!


In our new powertrain analysis, 615 fleet managers tell you how they are doing on the way to the green fleet and what they need from you.

“Despite reservations regarding electric mobility – fleet managers choose their favorite vehicles!”

Fleet managers plan to double the proportion of e-vehicles and plug-in hybrids in their fleets by the middle of next year – despite some concerns.

The current Dataforce analysis Powertrain focuses on the development and use of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles – and the associated infrastructure. Also the question “Why are the fleets not yet electrified?” is answered: Short ranges, high acquisition costs, lack of funding or incomplete infrastructure are the classic arguments. However, the analysis shows that another factor has apparently been underestimated so far. That’s why our market research experts present a roadmap on how manufacturers can exactly meet the needs of fleet managers.

In addition, the analysis also highlights the favorites of electric vehicles in German fleets in a ranking.



  1. Management summary & recommendations for actions
  2. Study Design: Methodology, Samples & Case Numbers
  3. Analysis Part I: FleetBase ad hoc survey
    1. Development & use of electric vehicles
    2. General infrastructure & electrification
    3. Experience with the BAFA application
    4. Opinions & views on alternative drives
    5. Favorite e-vehicles & plug-in hybrids (PC ranking)
  4. Analysis part II: IRIS parc and new PC registration data
    1. Development of fuel shares total & fleet market
    2. Fuel shares according to new registrations & parc
    3. Fleet fuel shares by fleet sizes
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Teaser of the Analysis

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