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Study on Electric Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrids as Company Cars


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We surveyed over 400 fleet managers across Germany on topics related to e-mobility in German fleets. The general topics such as the proportion of e-vehicles in fleets, reasons, and advantages / disadvantages for the acquisition are supplemented with an extensive brand evaluation: Which brand spontaneously comes to mind when fleet managers think of e-vehicles, and much more.

“More than one in three fleet managers can imagine using e-transporters!”

The Electrification of German Fleets – Dataforce’s Powertrain Study Retitled

German fleets are becoming increasingly electric. Since this is no longer just about powertrains, but also about new mobility offerings, we have renamed our Powertrain Study to E-Mobility in Fleets. Over a period of several weeks, we surveyed more than 400 fleet managers on the topics of powertrains, e-models and brands, charging and billing options, the use of e-vehicles, and also the problems and challenges associated with them. The survey results are supplemented by current registration data to provide a comprehensive picture of the current status quo in the market. The results are presented in a crisp yet detailed manner on over 120 pages and supplemented by assessments from our fleet market experts. The introduction to the material is an analysis of all new passenger car registrations in Germany from 2010 to 2020 with almost 900,000 data records. Not only the growth of alternative powertrains over the last ten years, but also detailed insights into the fuel type distribution of hybrids, plug-ins, electric and gas vehicles in the relevant fleet market accurately reflects the market.

A special extra this year is the assessment of the brand image of the fleet managers. Here, particular attention is paid to the image, selection criteria, and prices based on current e-models across the well-known brands.

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  1. Management summary & recommendations for actions
  2. Study Design: Methodology, Samples & Case Numbers
  3. Analysis Part I: New PC registration data
    1. Development of fuel shares in True Fleets
    2. Fleet fuel shares by PC size classes
  4. Analysis part II: E and PHEVs in fleets – Fleet manager survey
    1. Trends, use & financing of powertrain types
    2. Advantages and disadvantages of E/PHEVs in fleets
    3. Charging options in companies and “e-fueling” billing
    4. Consulting quality of manufacturers, dealers, and leasing companies regarding alternative powertrains
    5. Opinions and views of fleet managers on E and PHEVs
  5. Analysis part III: E and PHEV brands – Fleet manager survey
    1. Which brands and models do fleet managers have first in mind when it comes to E or PHEVs?
    2. Brand image in terms of technological progress
    3. Favorite E & PHEVs by fleet size and fleet structure
    4. Price willingness for E-models (compared to conventional petrol/diesel)
  6. Add-on module: E-transporters
    1. Current development and status quo in True Fleets
    2. Where is the greatest potential for e-transporters? (industry, fleet size, etc.)
    3. Advantages and purchase barriers of e-transporters in fleets
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