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Dataforce Germany Leasing Analysis 2019: Now with brands and models

Frankfurt, 27.09.19

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The Dataforce Leasing Analysis 2019 shows the development of the German leasing market since 2013 and for the first time investigates with brand- and model-specific peculiarities. Dataforce also took a closer look at the trend toward new mobility concepts in the study. This press release shows the key findings.


Long-term development meets current trends

Dataforce’s research on the German leasing market has started back in 2003 with annually published leasing studies available from 2013. In the 2019 edition, facts and figures on the developments in leasing ratios, market shares of providers as well as selected service leasing components are accommodated by two new research focuses.


Now also leasing ratios for brands and models

For the first time, Dataforce has also examined the leasing ratios of brands and models and found major differences. The leasing rates for the ten most popular fleet models range from 50.0% for the Opel Astra to 70.0% for the Audi A4. On brand level, the differences are even greater. While 67.4% of all BMW cars in fleets are leased, only 39.4% of Toyota’s fleet customers resort to leasing.


The vehicle segment and premium factor can only partially explain these differences. The Skoda Octavia is leased more frequently than the Mercedes E-Class, SEAT more often than Ford or Opel. The PSA subsidiary, on the other hand, has the highest leasing share in small fleets in the top 10 brands.


Alternative mobility has established

The second focus of the study highlights the extended needs of leasing customers from the use of alternative mobility concepts in fleets. Considering larger fleet operators with at least 50 vehicles, 37.9% already offer such solutions to their employees while 35.9% expect them to be used more frequently in the future. The main reasons behind this this are the fleet managers’ need for more flexibility and environmental aspects.


The mostly used solutions are pool vehicles, trains and company bikes. In contrast, 93.3 percent of fleet managers are not interest into E-scooters, while 57.3% of company car drivers would like to drive those!

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