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Generation change at Dataforce: Marc A. Odinius is now Managing Director and sole owner of the Company

Frankfurt, 28.08.19

Dataforce CEO Marc Odinius

The long-standing Managing Director Marc Odinius has acquired all shares of the Dataforce Verlagsgesellschaft für Business Informationen mbH and is now Managing Director and sole owner of the Company.


Mission of Dataforce

As to the mission of the automotive data- and market-research company, with 87 Employees, counting 27 different nationalities who reside in Frankfurt, Rome and Beijing, Odinius stated: Dataforce is always in search of unique information which will make the automotive market more transparent and easier to understand. With this mission in mind we also strive to provide fast and easy access, as well as highly standardised information through our systems.


Secret of our success

Marc Odinius is convinced that the recipe for Dataforce’s success has been and will be that it does not wait for the market to ask for a specific data or analysis. “Dataforce goes out on its own accord to find new and better information to enhance transparency on the automotive market and especially the fleet market. The hunger to know more, not just to hold the data, but to really understand the information has pushed us into the leading position in our field of expertise. Last but not least, our employees are true experts in what they do, who love to work in and on data day in and day out.”


Marc has introduced a Leadership Team which combines knowledge from all departments. Making communication easier, transparent and more straightforward helps to identify and tackle the key development projects.


Marc Odinius says thank you for the past 22 years to Christoph von Gleichen the former majority shareholder of Dataforce. Christoph commented the handover as follows: „Marc has been in charge of the operative business longer than myself, therefore no one would be better qualified and motivated to tackle this challenge than him and I am sure he will lead Dataforce into a successful future.”



Marc A. Odinius has pioneered in fleet analysis, designing data products that have revolutionised automotive market research. As managing director, he has been responsible for the national and international sales, business- and product-development. As a renowned fleet market expert Marc is a frequently requested keynote speaker. Marc graduated with a master’s degree with honours in cultural studies from Lüneburg University. He started his career in the marketing statistics department of a consumer good company, who is one of the largest fleet operators in Germany. Back in 1998 he joined Dataforce as 2nd employee.

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