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Tactical channels keep up Swiss Total Market registrations once again

Frankfurt, 26.06.19

Infographic Switzerland

In May 2019, commercial registrations rose by 5.4%, while the Private Market fell by 3.7%. Overall, passenger car registrations grew by 0.3% in comparison to the same month last year.


Nearly 5,700 registered company cars meant a further minus of 11.3% for the True Fleet Market. The fact that this was not even more pronounced was due predominately to the cantons of Basel-Stadt (+ 26.7%), Freiburg (+ 22.2%) and Ticino (+ 9.6%), where fleet registrations developed positively contrary to the nationwide trend. Once again, however, the more tactical channels of Short-Term Rentals (+ 23.4%) and Dealerships and Manufacturers (+ 23.8%) were responsible for the overall growth in commercial registrations.


Brand Performance and Electric Cars

Looking at the top 10 fleet brands with Seat (+ 35.6%), Skoda (+ 15.1%), Volvo (+ 13.3%), Ford (+ 12.4 %) and Peugeot (+ 10.3%) all producing positive numbers, some importers were able to record significant growth year-on-year despite the negative market segment trend.


Fleet electrification is also continuing to increase. Compared with prior year’s May, registrations of electrically powered cars grew by 134.1% with the main contributions coming from the Renault Zoe, the BMW i3, Tesla with the Model 3 and the Model X, the Jaguar I-Pace, the Audi e-Tron and the Hyundai Kona.

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