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Status-quo and future outlook on the leasing/rental market in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK with an analysis of the purchasing and usage behaviour of customers (fleet managers and private individuals).

The European passenger car market is in upheaval. With the onset of electrification, old familiar market structures are being broken up. Alongside the classic car purchase, service models offer additional mobility models. But how big are the leasing, rental and car subscription markets really and how will they develop? The Dataforce Leasing/Long-term Rental Study EU-5 2023 provides you with comprehensive and reliable data on developments and potentials of the leasing and car subscription market in the EU-5 countries.

“In the UK, only one in three fleet managers is “very satisfied” with their leasing deals.”

  • New registration forecasts according to the target groups private and fleet as well as self-registrations of manufacturers and dealers until 2028.
  • Current shares of leased, purchased and rented cars, for fleets with a forecast for 5 years up to 2028.
  • Drivers and influencing factors: Such as fleet size, demographic factors and the choice of financing type.
  • Electrification: electric cars are rapidly gaining market share and they are leased much more frequently. The electrification forecast and the presentation of leasing rates show how big the influence is in the individual markets and target groups.
  • Car subscriptions are on the rise. How many fleet and private customers are actually switching?

A special component are the insights on the customers’ purchasing and usage behaviour. For this purpose, we surveyed almost 4,000 private customers and over 1,000 fleet managers on their attitudes and decision criteria:

  • How do they evaluate the different forms of financing? What role do factors such as fleet size or electric cars play?
  • What factors determine the decision between purchase, leasing, subscription and rental models.
  • Provider evaluation: Who is the best leasing provider from the customer’s point of view and what was decisive for the choice of provider?

If you want to know what’s happening and what’s next in the corporate and private leasing/rental market this study is for you. You can choose whether to purchase the entire study package or individual modules (per country or per target group).


I. Module Fleet manager

  1. Company car market forecast until 2028
  2. Leasing potential: Leasing / long-term rental volume
  3. Contracts: Financial vs. operational, services used, duration & mileage
  4. Fleet manager view: Deciding criteria, customer satisfaction, reaction on cost increase
  5. Leasing providers: Deciding criteria, customer satisfaction

II. Module private users

  1. Private car market forecast until 2028
  2. Leasing potential: Purchase, leasing and car subscription volume
  3. Contracts: Financial vs. leasing, services used, contract duration
  4. Customer view: Deciding criteria, customer satisfaction
  5. Leasing providers: Deciding criteria, customer satisfaction
  6. Car subscription: Volume and market share, future potential, providers

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