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Italian fleet market up in 2021, also Private sales up

Frankfurt, 16.06.21

Top Sales Italy

So far this year 159,4 thousand true fleet vehicles have been sold in Italy, which is 62 thousand more than last year.

The total market so far for the year is 758,2 thousand, up with 294,9 thousand units. Private Sales increased with 75,1%, which represent around 206,6 thousand vehicles. The most popular car amongst private buyers has been the FIAT PANDA with 41393 sales, followed by the TOYOTA YARIS (17640), and the LANCIA YPSILON (15119). Number 1 fleet seller has been the FIAT PANDA (7541) so far, while the FIAT 500 (6879) comes in second. The podium is completed by the PEUGEOT 3008 (5643).

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