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You’ll find everything you need to know about company car drivers in the German market in our User Chooser Study 2023. In this new edition of the study, we surveyed 700 company car drivers about their attitudes, purchase decision process, acceptance of new brands and much more. You will also get a detailed characterisation of the different user chooser types. What makes the drivers who make almost half of all vehicle decisions in the fleet market tick?

“48% of cars in the relevant fleet market in Germany are selected by user choosers.”

The study on company car drivers in the German market provides you with a comprehensive insight into the most important selection criteria for a company car. The study also maps the entire ordering process: Where are the vehicles configured? How is the order placed? In addition to the decision-making process, we also shed light on the employer’s specifications regarding drive type and CO2. Find out how many company car drivers are given a predetermined drive type and how the choice turns out when they are allowed to decide freely.

Company car drivers are known to be much more brand loyal than private individuals. However, current changes such as the switch to electric vehicles and vehicle availability are causing more movement in the market. In addition, new players such as the Chinese are fighting for market share. Despite the low number of registrations, are they already known to users? In our study you will also find out whether company car drivers consider these brands as serious competitors when choosing a vehicle.

The User Chooser Study 2023 was originally published in German. However, it is also available in English on request. Please contact us for further details.


1. User Chooser:  Share in Relevant Fleet Market and Vehicle Potential

2. Sample Description

3. Attitudes and Types of User Choosers

4. The Path to a Company Car

  • User Chooser Information Status
  • Order Process
  • Choice of Company Car:
    • Regulations on CO2 and Engine Type
    • Key Factors: Test Drives, Online Information, Consultation, and Recommendation
    • Criteria for Selection

5.  Brands and Prices

  • Brand and Model Loyalty
  • Gross Retail Price, Leasing Instalments, and Additional Fee

6.  Chinese Brands – Familiarity, Acceptance, Advantages and Disadvantages

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